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About PhactaX
PhactaX is a clinical trials data management system targeted for facilitating clinical research and multinational research collaboration. Development of PhactaX started in 2003 and was successfully completed in 2009 by the Medical Research Collaborating Center(MRCC).

PhactaX supports project planning, study design, data collection, data coding, data validation, and data retrieval.

Clinical trials and data management can be processed in compliance with international standards and regulations. Modules and functions are easy-to-learn so that users can efficiently set up new trials. It is our goal to provide researchers with tools for collecting and managing clinical data reliably and efficiently in order to conduct clinical research.

PhactaX may be used in agreement for projects with the MRCC on a contractual basis.

The MRCC is very proud to launch this groundbreaking system, PhactaX. PhactaX is expected to be used extensively to demonstrate its innovative capability in numerous clinical trials and global studies in the future.

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